DC character combo

Pack of two soaps 


1. Lemon Juice-Charcoal Soap (Detaining soap)

  • 110 gm, batman logo shaped, yellow-black soap
  • Contains lemon juice 0.5%, Activated charcoal 0.2%, Vit-B 0.02%
  • Lemon Juice contains Vit C with added Vit B helps to remove sun tan. Antioxidants present help in reduce skin damage and premature aging.
  • Fresh lemon fragrance (Strong intensity-long lasting fragrance)
  • Lemon fragrance is proven calming and mood-improving agent. Makes one feel fresh and helps in relieving stress



2. Charcoal-Neem oil Soap (anti bac – anti acne)

  • 100 gm, superman logo shaped black & silver soap
  • Contains Activated charcoal 0.3%, Neem oil 0.2%
  • Activated charcoal is a deep cleanser and detoxifier. It helps remove dirt from the pores
  • Neem oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • Activated charcoal and neem oil together both help in getting rid of bad bacterial and reducing acne.
  • Cool blue fragrance (Strong intensity-long lasting fragrance)
  • Cool blue fragrance is reminder of beach and the sense of happiness, energy and excitement


Both soaps are

  • Glycerin based moisturizing soap base
  • High foaming, hard water resistant soap
  • Vegan, no added preservative

DC character combo

  • All our products are loaded with ingredients fresh of the nature, fresh ingredients have a far more nutritious and effective action on the skin, than heavily preserved beauty products. Fresh raw ingredients which have not been broken down or aged have ACTIVE properties, especially the vitamins, minerals and enzymes with wonderful benefits. Our complete range is made with hands, to enhance the beauty and minimise the waste. All our products are designed to be dry, we use no to minimum amount of water in our products, thus eliminating the need to use plastic bottles and heavy preservatives. All our soaps are packed in recycled paper box and body scrub is packed in recyclable glass bottle. We Believe in a better future.

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