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Superman soap( Charcoal & Neem oil)
  • 100 gm, superman logo shaped black & silver soap
  • Glycerin based moisturizing soap base
  • Contains Activated charcoal 0.3%, Neem oil 0.2%
  • Activated charcoal is a deep cleanser and detoxifier. It helps remove dirt from the pores
  • Neem oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • Activated charcoal and neem oil together both help in getting rid of bad bacterial and reducing acne.
  • Cool blue fragrance (Strong intensity-long lasting fragrance)
  • Cool blue fragrance is reminder of beach and the sense of happiness, energy and excitement
  • High foaming, hard water-resistant soap
  • Vegan, no added preservative

Superman soap( Charcoal & Neem oil)

SKU: sup1
  • 100 gm

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